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BEX BAU GMBH - A company you can rely on

BEX BAU GMBH and its companies are engaged since 1980 in the fields of Building Construction and Industrial engineering. Branch offices are located in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, and Russia with a total in-house work force of app. 580 employees. We have divided our activities into the following fields:

1. Building Construction and Industrial Erection

Our construction and erection activity is based on a highly qualified staff of technicians, specialized in the various branches of these fields. Our main activities concern the construction of building projects including designing and project development and the installation of industrial plants as well. We are engaged as General Contractor or in working pools together with major construction companies on all continents.

2. Production

The group is running a production plant in Slovakia for the fabrication of aluminium windows, facades and custom-built constructions. In Serbia we run a company for designing, production and maintenance of elevators and escalators. Both plants are equipped with the latest tools and machinery and guarantee with the well-trained personnel the highest quality standards.

BEX - three decades worldwide reliability.